Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting a jump on the Imbolc cleaning.

One thing I am really trying to do this year is give the house a damn good clean for each Festival. There are 8 Festivals in a Pagan year:

Samhain: 31st Oct
Yule: 21st December
Imbolc: 1st Feb
Ostara: 21st March
Beltane: 1st may
Litha: 21st June
Lughnasadh: 1st August
Mabon: 21st September

Each marks a turn of the wheel of the year, a slight change in the seasons or the light and a step in the endless circle that is the life of the Goddess and God. I like how it follows the seasons, marks the little things and how it is always a reminder that life is cyclical.

Anyway, with Imbolc approaching (15 days) I decided to get a jump on the cleaning. So I have taken the kitchen to bits and am sorting and washing EVERYTHING. Currently I am having a break as the dishwasher is giving my Kilner Jars a good wash before I can work through and sort my store cupboards. I can't remember the last time I did much to my shame so it is long overdue.

I also wanted to get going early on the cleaning so that I could leave lots of time for Imbolc crafts with the girls. I bought a beeswax candle kit that we can all do together on the 1st and light to mark the approaching spring.

It feels so good to have these 8 days to work towards all year, there is never long between them so there is always something to look forward to!

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