Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mojo... where for art thou mojo.

I am feeling a bit blah at the moment. I don't know why really, nothing major has happened recently and I am feeling reasonably stable. But I have definitely lost the flow of the housework. I suspect it is partly January blues and partly the fact that I am desperate to decorate the living room so tidying up seems a little fruitless. Still that shouldn't really affect the rest of the house but it seems to be doing just that.

So in an effort to regain a little control today I attacked the window with the heat gun. This may seem like a small achievement but the size of my window makes it a massive one! I have managed about half I think... I am just gearing up to the top bit of the front frame. Then tomorrow I will attempt to tackle the outside of the frame and the inside (for which I need water and foil so I don't accidentally burn through the ropes as that would be a disaster!). Maybe even if there is time a spot of sanding too. Once that is done I just have one and a half skirting boards to strip and the door frame. Then the room will be ready for decorating come Easter (or sooner if I can convince Paul...).

I will get my mojo back if it kills me!


Jo B said...

Know what you mean mate. I am stuck in a rut too. House a tip. It's a January 'Meh' thing. X

Anonymous said...

Wow, just looking at your list makes me tired! Don't be too hard on yourself; my house is a complete and utter tip at the moment. But bollocks to it, I'm not the only one living here and I'm currently finding much more interesting things to do