Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Soooooo tired.

First Blue-arsed-Tuesday of the spring term... so so so tired. Still Clara got her Miss Penny fix at Ballet and had a fabulous lesson. Phoebe forgot that she had a sore hand until after her swimming lesson and was unusually well behaved in the swimming pool. The Wood Stripping gits finally delivered back the doors and sill but still no sign of the glasses, still 3/4 things ticked off a list isn't bad I suppose!

I was meant to carry on stripping the paint off the woodwork today but I managed to knacker my wrists doing one wall of skirting yesterday so decided to give them a day (or 2) off.

I am too tired tonight to watch Glee even... there is something not right there. Still another morning to myself tomorrow and I have a hair cut booked in for Thursday so lots to look forward to this week.

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