Sunday, 9 January 2011


Phoebe has been on cracking form for the last few days.

This morning she took it upon herself to let us have a lie in, with the exception of asking Paul to get her and Clara breakfast. We slept until 10am! This was only interupted once with a scream of rage from Clara, this was followed by Phoebe coming to the bottom of the stairs and telling us "we have just had a little scream from Clara... sorry 'bout that"! When we finally woke up and went downstairs Phoebe told Paul that she had been watching Something Special and that there had been TWO Grandad Tumbles, she was so shocked she had to go and get a little drink of milk to calm her nerves!

She is so funny, so grown up sometimes for a 5 year old. She really takes on board things I tell her like being responsible and sensible with things. She is very disappointed that she doesn't have her glasses yet as she is desperate to wear them! Although she is also very excited about starting Ballet Lessons on Friday, she has excellent lines according to the lady who fitted her for ballet shoes as she commented she had been taught well!

She spent yesterday saying Happy Birthday to her Daddy as it was Paul's birthday. We had bought cake and cards for him (his Christmas Kindle was also his birthday gift) and we took him out for Wagamamas. Phoebe couldn't stop giving him birthday kisses. It was so sweet!

She is a pain in the bum sometimes but 90% of the time she is loving and caring and wonderfully funny! I do love my big girl!

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