Tuesday, 11 January 2011

waiting for the phone to ring.

Booo I hate this. I am waiting for the call from the optician to tell me Phoebe's glasses are ready (the lenses had to be sent away to be made as thin as possible). Now I know she needs glasses I just want her to have them so she is no longer at a disadvantage at school and she can start enjoying learning letters and reading!

I am also waiting for a call from Paul to tell me that the doors and window sill we wanted stripped before Christmas have been delivered to him. I am particularly keen on the second one happening as it has been a major frustration and they have been arses. I wouldn't have been so het up but the bits I have had stripped are original features of the house so I really really really want them back in one piece!

Anyhoo back to glaring at the phone and willing it to ring!

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