Sunday, 30 January 2011

Crafting for Imbolc

This morning I got up, sorted the clothes out and then headed to my kitchen to make some candles. As you do.

My only disappointment when buying the stuff I needed is that John Lewis had run out of star shaped silicone cupcake cases. Still round ones will suffice.

I also bought pipecleaners the other day and attracted a few strange looks making a St Brighid's cross whilst sat in the waiting room with Clara waiting for Phoebe to finish ballet. However I now have a red and silver one adorning my fireplace in the living room and a silver and gold one over the hob in the kitchen:

Next on my list is a Salt Dough Goddess figure and on Tuesday I think I will make a braided loaf for the girls and I to enjoy whilst we bless the house after school. I, of course, get to do the spring cleaning whilst they are at school but hey ho! I might leave their rooms until they come home and we can do it together before blessing the house.

I am loving getting them involved my faith so much! They love it too as it is very hands on and crafty which appeals to their love of making messes!

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