Monday, 17 January 2011

Precision timing Clara...

I just had to take Clara (and her new Sleeping Booty night light) up to the optician for a check. We thought it wise after we found out her big sister is as blind as a bad without glasses. On the way home we walked passed a rather, erm, fragrant scruffy man. So of course Clara pipes up with the following in the loud, carrying, child's voice reserved for just such occasions.

ERRRRRRR Mummy, what that smell... do you smell that smell?! It HORRIBLE... Yuck Mummy... Yuck yuck yuck.

[sigh] So I try and hush her by saying maybe someone wasn't able to have a shower this morning. Bad move... very bad bad bad move. She looked at me in horror...

Mummy that is DEEEEESGUSTING! Smelly yucky dirty man!

Don't you just love her?!

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Michael Brooke said...

I still remember my cousin referring to "the old haggy woman next door". Thankfully out of earshot.