Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Had a break... Had a think... Doing stuff!

The Break:

Phoebe had a 2 week half term, 1st week was so the teachers and staff could move locations to the new school site (which is looking rather fab!) and the second week was half term proper so I had Clara off too. For the second week we all went down to a lovely cottage in Portwrinkle, Cornwall with my Mum and Sdad and had a lovely week of beaches, Eden Project and Donkeys. It was wonderful! Mum gave me a much needed break from the daily rigours of child rearing and it was nice to be able to be a family and go and do things together.

Phoebe and Clara particularly enjoyed the Donkey Sanctuary. Phoebe was in her element around the animals and Clara got her confidence back with animals and was very stern about pushing to get the feed! They then had a wail of a time in the soft play area whilst the grown ups had a drink.

We also did The Eden Project but it didn't really capture our imaginations as we hoped it would. It didn't help that it was heaving and the weather was awful I suppose. We enjoyed going around the bubbles and seeing all the plants and things they had done but other than that we were relieved to come away from the crowds at the end of the day.

Mostly we enjoyed going to the beach and looking in rock pools! There was a beach a short walk from the house so we mostly went there and had fun but we also did a bigger beach a short drive away. The girls had so much fun looking for fish and 'nenomes in the rock pools, building sandcastles, skimming stones and splashing in the waves!

 Here are the pictures from our Adventures!

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The Think:

I am not responsible for what people think about me. I shouldn't mind their opinions of me and I should rise above what they choose to tell people. True friends love me and don't believe the tosh and that is what matters.

My house needs a serious going through and declutter. Living in a mess is doing nothing for my mental health and I should Just Fucking Do It from now on instead of avoiding doing things but still dwelling on them.

My first duty is to myself. I have to find my voice and use it to tell people when I don't want or don't like something. I need to stop smiling and nodding because it makes life easier and less complicated. It doesn't.

My depression is an illness, it is not my fault and I do not deserve it. I can however help with it's treatment.

The Doing Stuff.

The house needs a deep clean and a serious declutter. Before we went away Paul and our friend Greg emptied the attic of all the old toys and technology that have migrated up there and I freecycled the lot. I went through the toys we had down stairs and cleared out about 75% of them as they were all either broken or unplayed with (the girls haven't even noticed!). Since we came back I have shampooed the living room rug (spurred on by a certain Little Brown Cat leaving what we now refer to as "yucky presents" all over it whilst we were away) and it looks 100 x better than it has done. I have also gone through the toy box again and got shot of all the rest of the crap that resides at the bottom and never sees the light of day. The dining room is the next project but as I am stuck with a Cheverolet Matiz for the next week or so I am a bit stuck as all the things that need chucking are in there and a Matiz is a very very small car. Still I have cleared the dining table so I suppose that is a reasonable start. I also plan on going through the understairs cupboard and buying some decent storage in there to keep it under a little more control. That should, in turn, mean that less stuff needs to be out in the dining room and I can make things look nicer in there.

My main aim is to get all of this done by Christmas so that I feel a little bit more in control of my life by then. Ideally I would like to decorate the living room before Christmas but I don't think it will happen as there is so much woodwork to strip so it isn't a quick job! Still, baby steps all the way!

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