Saturday, 20 November 2010


Today I turned my lovely gorgeous curtains in the living room into a roman blind that fits in the sash window. The difference is amazing and the room looks much bigger without the curtains eating into it. It also means the toy box stays in one place rather than us having to pull it out and putting it back every time we moved the curtains!

It is only the 2nd roman blind I have made, the first being in Clara's room which looks ok but is nothing special. However I had it easier this time and the kit I bought for hanging it up came with a basic blind so I used that as a lining and it saved me about 2 hrs worth of work I think.

I must also thank Paul who helped me make it as it was an arse and a half having to sew on the skew because the base rod had to be sewn in before being able to sew across any of the others! Apologies for the crappy picture, it is almost 11pm and I can't be bothered getting the big camera out so I took it on the iphone:

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Alison said...

It's lovely, you're very talented