Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Operation Declutter. Day Two.

I have been very productive today. I treated myself to a new CD so I have been clearing up to the tunes from The Bangles, marvellous. Today it was the Dining Room's turn and I filled another 2 bin bags with rubbish. I also rang for an update on the car and found out it wasn't going to be back until next week so I loaded the Roller Skate to the gunnels and did the tip run and charity shop run. Before I went out I decided to have a quick go through the girls clothes to sort things out as their wardrobes were getting very messy. In the end I had 2 bin bags to go to the charity shop too. The only thing I didn't take was the wee soaked rug because I refuse to be in that close proximity to it for elongated period of time!

Still the house is looking much better than it has done in ages. I have designated tomorrow as Ebay Day. I hate Ebaying, it takes time and effort and occasionally it means dealing with numpties which always puts me in a bad mood. Hopefully it will all go smoothly though and I can get shot of a few more bits and make a few pennies too. I dread dealing with the post office too but at least I can print out postage online so it doesn't take quite so long as queueing up.

Ah well needs must when the devil is behind the wheel eh?!

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