Thursday, 18 November 2010

Theme Tunes to my life...

I have 2 I think, it is either the Mission Impossible music or the Benny Hill music. I seem to be permanently on catch up with myself. Tuesday and Thursdays are my busiest days so they start with Mission Impossible and end with Benny Hill! Weekday life seems to be a never ending round of school runs and house work (especially with the latest pet, Little Brown Cat having decided to use the living room rug as her peeing place... gah!). Still I enjoy my mornings of peace and quiet now and because I JFDI* when I get in it means I get to chill out when it is done and watch crap TV and put my feet up.

Today's JFDI was to clean the wee of the rug (sigh), hoover upstairs and give the kitchen a lick and a promise after breakfast. Being on top of the housework is really making a big difference to my mood which is definitely a good thing. I don't feel glum about the state of the house at the moment and I wouldn't mind someone coming round with not a lot of notice now like I would have before!

Anyway I had better crack on JFD the girl's tea... oh wait is that Benny Hill I hear in my head again.

* Just Fucking Do It

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