Sunday, 7 November 2010

How far I have come in a year.

On the way home from the Fireworks last night Paul reminded me that last year we hadn't gone because I had a meltdown at the idea of leaving the house and the crowds. If we had gone I would have had to be doped to the eyeballs to get through it and there was just no point. Last night I went, happily, to watch the fireworks with heaven knows how many other people in a local park and loved it!

We arrived for gates opening and secured our spot not knowing when the fireworks would start. The announcement came over a little later saying 7pm.... there was NOTHING to do there but hey ho. We amused the children first with a tray of chips each that went uneaten and then we bought them a light up wand each and they loved those. Phoebe went freestyle and amused a fair amount of people with her guitar performance to the toons on the radio:


She was hilarious. She even said her name on the radio and, apparently, Clara heard and was delighted. She did want to say hello to Daddy and Clara but the radio presenter was off before she could.
The fireworks when they began were spectacular and lasted a good 30 minutes. The girls were getting very moany and cold after waiting for 2 hours but both of them decided the wait was worth it for the fabby bangs and pretty lights. Clara said it was like the sky was full of fairies which I thought was lovely! Phoebe mostly like the ENORMOUS bonfire they had, and cackled when the poor guy on the top of it caught fire. I did try and tell them the story of Guy Fawkes but they weren't that interested... I will save that for later years I think!

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l'optimiste said...

really pleased for you - it's so nice to think of you there, having a fab time amongst the zillions ;)

LOVE the video! hilarious!!!