Sunday, 21 November 2010

Yule Log Hunt...

Fun filled day today, we started off with a trip to the cinema to see Tinkerhell... er I mean Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue. Got to love Vue cinema's and their Kids AM showing which means we can all get in for £5! Bargain :D. We did try and go yesterday but it was sold out... cue tantrum from the larger one and us hastily booking tickets and deciding never to leave it to chance ever again!

We popped home for a quick lunch of sandwiches before heading out to some local woods and looking for a Yule Log and decorations. To find our Yule log we were looking for a fallen branch of the right width and size and then asking the tree from where it fell for permission to take it. Sounds silly I realise but as Pagans we believe everything has a spirit and is part of the Mother Earth and you shouldn't remove something without permission. We had a good tramp and looked at all the pretty leaves whilst we hunted and eventually we found the perfect log and bought it home.

We then went to another park to look for a few decorations for the log. We also got to meet the residential squirrels who are very friendly and personable and the girls were delighted to meet so many up close! They had a good run and play in the park and we found a few pine cones for decoration (I will be going back to the woods for a few sprigs of holly to finish it all off but for now it looks lovely lying on our mantlepiece drying out ready for Yule.

We came home to hot chocolate with marshmallows and a soon to be roaring fire in the living room. I am so glad we have a working fireplace now, it is so nice and atmospheric in the living room with it!

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