Thursday, 4 November 2010

In the spirit of JFDI...

Today I have:

  • Washed the rug AGAIN, on both sides in a bid to shift the smell of cat wee. It hasn't worked it still honks and a new rug will be purchased forthwith (I am going purple too... woo!)
  • I have hoovered the downstairs of the house and washed all the floors.
  • I have filled a large bin bag with STUFF and put it in the bin (non recycleable alas).
  • I took Clara to her swimming lesson and put up with being splashed by her shaking her bunches at me.
  • Sobbed when Phoebe told me she had 3 time outs today (that makes 8 in her first 4 days back at school... waaaail].
  • Bought a new doormat to go by the back door.
  • Come up with a plan for a more visual way of Phoebe seeing that being naughty at school does not pay.
  • Moved a load of pictures around the house.

There will be wine tonight. Oh yes...lots of wine. I still have more to do in the dining room (including pointing out that the newly clear sideboard in there is not the best place to put the bag of cat litter... sigh!). There are a couple of floorboards that need fixing in there for a start and I might consider a rug as well. The pile of stuff for the tip is growing steadily and my first job when I am back with Renault will be the tip run I think! Only other thing I need to think about is the quickest, non smelliest way of stripping the woodwork back enough to be able to decorate in the living room in 3hr stints in one week. Hmmm, I am thinking ceiling first (one coat of white should do it) then the walls (only need to do 3 and a bit) over a couple of days then the wall papering (I may be able to get Paul to do this in the evening after I have finished the walls) and then the woodwork (inc shelves, fireplace and radiator cover) over a couple of days. Ambitious? Me?!

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