Monday, 11 October 2010

Not doing brilliantly.

Apologies for the lack of bloggy action. I am not doing too well at the moment, the dark nights and bad weather get to me so fast and I get so angry with everything. It is so hard to do everything when you are constantly simmering with rage, especially when I have the children to manage too. Phoebe doing her Diva Routine at the drop of the hat and Clara exhibiting her enormous personality in the way only she can.

In other news, we have Phoebe's first parent evening on Thursday and I am a leeetle apprehensive. She is a lovely lovely little girl but very very, well, enthusiastic. One of the few children I know who comes home like a coiled spring from school! Although she is definitely learning stuff now and is slooowly starting to read (when she concentrates!) and write. A little concerning for me is the new thing of teaching them cursive, Phoebe seems to have problems with it and can't write the letters the right way around. But I am sure we will get around that eventually!

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