Sunday, 22 August 2010

You have 3 countries on your doorstep why not visit one!

Where we are in the Alps is on the doorstep of Switzerland and Italy so we thought we would pop over to Geneva to see some friends what live there. Of course it was this morning the children chose to oversleep so we were late out of the door (someone show me a parent who doesn't use their child as an alarm clock?!). Anyway after a brief magical mystery tour of Geneva and the surrounding countryside (Tomtom not a fan of the Swiss obviously!) we arrived at the train station where we were meeting the lovely Sarah and Rob.

They shepherded us onto a train, and then a bus and then a short walk to The Botanical Gardens. We had a marvellous picnic with them and then released the beasts on the play area near by. Much fun was had when the Carousel opened back up after it's lunch break and they 4 childerbeast got to ride on it. It really is the most fantastic Carousel any of us had ever seen:

Rowan and Lexi decided on the tortoise:

Phoebe decided upon the horse (surprise surprise!)

and Clara shot upstairs and sat in the basket of the flying frog where no one could see her!

Then came the moment that I knew was going to happen, it always happens, it is one of the basic underlying principles of my universe. Phoebe saw water... Phoebe striped off naked... Phoebe frolicked in water. I have a lovely friend who says it wouldn't be an occasion worth it's salt without one of my girls stripping at some point. Apparently the look on Paul's face was one of utter resignation when he was informed of his eldest child's antics! Ah well, noone appears too scarred from that particular event!

It was a fantastic day and wonderful to meet Sarah and Rob too! Now I am home I must get some bourbons  in the post to them!

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Sarah Purcell said...

It was absolutely lovely to meet all of you too! I hope it isn't too long before we get the chance again.