Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Big Three....

Ok I have a confession... I delayed Clara's birthday this year! Her birthday is actually on the 20th August... we were going to Disney Land on the 21st and under threes are free [meaningful look].

It was very odd on the eve of her real birthday as 3 years before, myself and 3 people had been sat in a living room, brownies baking in the oven and 3 years later it was almost the same. Three main differences were a, I wasn't giving birth 2nd time and b, my Independent Midwife Kerry Taylor had been replaced by Mike in the 2nd cast and c, we were in France not South London! It was very odd not celebrating her birthday on the 20th, didn't feel quite right really!

We actually celebrated on the Sunday 22nd, we had taken a few presents with us. Her Great Aunt and Uncle had left her a pair of Disney PJs in France for her, Grannie had left a fairy dress and Aunty Liz had bought a Disney Princess dress to take with us for her to potentially wear to Disney Land (it was too hot alas!). So she had lots and lots to open there and everything else was waiting for her at home. Thanks to the fantastic boulangerie down the road we bought a pink pastry for her (we decided on an individual one as Lexi couldn't eat it, Rowan wouldn't eat it so there didn't seem much point in a big one). We even managed to get a candle for her to blow out!

In true Clara fashion she insisted on wearing the fairy dress all the way home. Fine, although she did get some funny looks on the ferry all dolled up to the nines! She is such a funny precocious little girl, beyond her years in her social graces. Jane describes her as Princess Margaret Reincarnated... always ready for a party! It is very true too... Clara is always happiest in a party dress and does love a good social occasion to talk to people. She is very complimentary and will always find something to compliment about you. She loves telling people they are her best friend (ok so this is usually based on proximity and is approximately a half hour ticket!). But, if you piss her off... beware the kid can hold a grudge!

Houston, we are GO for Threenager.... again!

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