Monday, 16 August 2010

Fun En France! Part Une.

Well after a 19 (count em!) hour journey across France, which whilst long was miraculously uneventful. Miraculously because 4 children ranging from almost 3 - 7 who were exceptionally well behaved is nothing short of miraculous, particularly when the 3 youngest are girls renowned for their screechy default settings!

Jane and Mike set off from their house at about 00:45, arrived with us an hour and a bit later we packed and then got en route for Dover and arrived there for 4am. We had had the forsight to book with priority boarding so got on the boat really quickly and had a reasonable crossing. Then we unloaded the car from ferry and made our way from Calais to St Gervais... a journey of approximately 882 km or 548 miles! It took us all day, with plenty of stops but as I said was uneventful!

On Sunday we mostly attempted a recovery, with much muttering about how daft it is that major supermarkets are closed when we NEEDED to shop! However we went to a local town and shopped there, because they have better parking than St G. We did however venture into St G for lunch, a little nervously as Lexi is allergic to all things dairy. Amazingly we had a cracking meal in a lovely restaurant who were happy to cater to the various requirements (including the fussy eaters... I am looking at you Rowan and Phoebe!).

Today we tried to find another restaurant that would accommodate so well, but we failed so drove back up the mountain to go back to yesterdays! You live and learn really! Alas today's lunch was called a little short for Lexi, Jane and Paul as Lexi went an attractive shade of Grey and had to be taken home. The girls, Mike and I enjoyed the rest of our meals before calling for a lift back too. We (well we gave the girls options) then decided that Face Painting would be the order of the day:

L-R we have Phoebe the Dog, Clara the Rabbit and Rowan the Butterfly. They were then absorbed in playing a game which involved one of them going out onto the balcony and miming their animal! Alas poor Lexi was in bed and being poorly at the moment so was unable to join in the fun. He was less than impressed with his lack of Tiger so tomorrow we go on the White Face Paint search to have some more face painty fun!

We also negotiated that instead of bedtime stories they could watch some TV, on the proviso that if they were noisy we would remember they were there and we would send them to bed. Amazingly this worked and they all Shut Up for at least 40 minutes AND they were so tired by the time they hit their beds we didn't hear a ruddy peep.... RESULT! Never have 4 children been so delighted at bedtime!

This left us sufficient time to make a baked bacon and pea risotto and lo, it was GORGEOUS. Note to self: Make risotto more.... mmmmmmmmmm!

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