Sunday, 15 August 2010

What I have been up to for the last week in, mostly, pictures!

Ok aside from having The Headache From Hell I have been active (well childerbeast don't give you days off the inconsiderate little toads!).

On Monday we went to The Science Museum and V & A with Mahri-Claire, Greg, Annabel and associated childerbeast.

On Wednesday we went to Brighton to meet up with Dad and Jane to celebrate Dad's 60th:

( I made the cushion with some pictures the girlies drew and then embroidered and made up the rest!)

On Thursday we went to the Library with Becky and her girls and built a robot out of recycled materials:

A fabby week despite the immovable neck and banging bonce! I have also since seen the GP and been given beautifully strong pain killers that can be taken alongside brufen and seen the Osteopath who straightened me out nicely (5 ENORMOUS cracks out of my neck & back!). I am now in France so expect tales of foreign parts!

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