Friday, 6 August 2010

It is my sewing anniversary (well... ish!)

On the 1st August 2009 I ordered my first sewing machine, it arrived shortly afterwards so I reckon my first proper stitches would have been about now! I can't believe I have only been sewing for a year now, it is such a big part of my life now! So much that at Christmas I took the opportunity of upgrading my sewing machine to a lovely one with tonnes of stitches and a range of feet!

I have come so far too! My first proper project was a Morsbag, since then I have made costumes, clothes for me and the girls, all the Christmas gifts last year, bags and so much more! I have a fabric stash that takes over 2 huge laundry bags and all my sewing stuff seems to take over the dining room! I can't share my current projects yet...  I will, but not just yet! However I have recently learned piping and am planning on abusing that new project!

Kindly the Gods have decided to aide me in my quest of crafty goodness and have inspired the good makers of Hobbycraft to open a shop near me. Better yet, John Lewis are opening a home dept near me too (I nearly crashed the car when I saw that!). That will be open on the 26th August and I absolutely cannot wait! I can hear my debit card weeping already (and it has already had a pounding in Hobbycraft!).

How have I celebrated my anniversary?! Well I purchased a walking foot today from Ebay and am happily awaiting it's delivery so I can finish off Phoebe's quilt.

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