Thursday, 5 August 2010

Damn you advertising!

My girls are thankfully mostly pretty blasé to the ridiculous level of advertising inbetween TV shows on Tiny POP! etc. It is admittedly less controlable since Phoebe learned how to flick through the TV channels (well the 4 we have... I am too tight to pay for the rest of them!). Thankfully they seem to bore her and she changes the channel. However in the last couple of days it seems they aren't as immune as I had hoped!

Exhibit One:

In Sainsbury's in the cleaners aisle a little voice pops up with:

Daddy do we need more Cilit Bang? Bang! And the dirt is gone!

Exhibit Two:

Purchasing Phoebe's school shoes in M&S

Mummy are these Lellie Kellies

(My response: No, and you will only get those over my dead body sweetie).

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