Monday, 2 August 2010

Toy Story Outings.

What fun we had on Saturday when we were joined by our lovely friends Mahri-Claire, Greg and Mike and assorted children. The plan was for the Daddies to take them to Toy Story whilst the Mummies enjoyed the fabled quiet lunch. Everyone arrived and were fed with sausages or pasta depending on preference and then the cinema party was ushered out and myself and Mahri-Claire took ourselves and Baby 'Thaniel off to a local tapas restaurant.

There was only one little hiccup in that Sebastian, the smallest of the cinema party, did not like the cinema on account of it being too noisy. So Greg popped him back to us in the restaurant and then headed back to enjoy the movie. It wasn't a problem at all and Sebastian charmed all the waiters and was so well behaved we barely knew he was there!

When we all got home the children were buzzing (no pun intended) from seeing a fab movie and having a fab time! And the Mummies were feeling suitably relaxed and happy following a lovely lunch!

My triumph came at tea time when feeding the children more sausages and pasta we realised that frankfurters weren't suitable for Lexi as they have dairy in them. So we gave him chicken nuggets, fine not a problem except he declared he hated fish fingers and wouldn't eat them! At this point Rowan, who is a fussy pants and whose usual fair is sausages, sausages or sausages, piped up that she loved them so we handed them over under the guise of fish fingers... not only did she eat the lot but I had to cook more for her! Hurrah!

It is so wonderful spending time with people who parent like you do, and who parent as a group rather than only seeing to their own children. I trust these people implicitly with my children and know that if they get up to no good then they get a ticking off, similarly if they need a hug or comforting it is there in droves! I hope they feel the same about myself and Paul.

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Kerry said...

I know what you mean about parenting in groups. I love having friends who not only support how I bring up my children, but bring theirs up in the same way.