Sunday, 11 April 2010

What a crazy weekend!

Finally I get a chance to sit down and take it easy! We haven't stopped since yesterday really but it has all be great fun!

Yesterday we got up, no one bothered getting dressed and I started on Mt Laundry, as it was such glorious weather I shoved everything out on the washing line. Paul did some potting on of tomatoes (little weedy seedlings hopefully will be big beefy toms!), I pottered and the girls played in the living room. Paul popped out for compost and I bathed the girls and we donned party gear to go and celebrate Lexi and Rowans 7 and 5th birthday party by jumping around like loons on a bouncy castle and a fabulous following tea (where, shock horror, the children actually ATE fruit first!). I think the biggest highlight for the girls was that we were in the aerobics studio of a leisure centre and as such there was a mirror all the way down the wall! My two little narcissists couldn't get enough of prancing around in front of it! Clara was giving it some good old welly though and everyone was quite impressed with how she coped, she was the youngest there by a fair old whack and she didn't bat an eyelid! The funniest moment for me was when Jane's best friend Tracey was handing out the party bags and gave one to Clara early, and then went to take it back! Paul, Jane, Mike and myself all looked on in horror awaiting the tantrum but to our amazement it didn't come! We think it must have just be the pure shock that someone just took something back from her. She isn't spoilt in any way but she is someone you HAVE to follow things through with because the fall out is spectacular! After the party we headed back to Jane and Mike's for tea and more cake and a bit of a giggle. I should learn by now that I should just take PJs for the girls when we go down as we always lose track of time!

As we got home late the girls had a lie in until 9am (never happens!) when we were woken by Clara's shrieks of:

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaddy. I did Poooooooooooooooooooo, nappy change please!"

What a charming way to be woken on a Sunday morning! Still needs must and the devil was in Clara's pants (note to all cake makers Blue icing is revolting on review... bleurgh!). As we were all up we got cracking on the days jobs. Paul had to paint the downstairs window at the front (we had them replaced a while back but the weather hasn't been good enough to paint them until recently), we decided to make a swing for the girls as we had two strong branches that could be used in our Laurel Tree. I had the rest of Mt Laundry to do (6 loads, that will teach me to leave it!), I wanted to bake some bread and also make a start on some placemats (well I cut the wadding out, so that is a start!). We also had the rabbits to sort out and some weeding to do in the back garden (the dandelions are taking over!). I also emptied the pot we have at the front that has a tatty hebe in it ready to make a beautiful arrangements when we have turfed out the front. I had a brainwave too, I looked on ebay and am now bidding on someone else's excess turf, seems daft to spend so much when we only have 6sqm to do. I just need to rake it out and shove a load of lovely rich topsoil to make a good root base for the turf.

It has been a very tiring but a very lovely weekend. I have one more week of the girls both being home and I confess I cannot wait until school starts again. Just a little time to myself is going to be very much welcomed! Not least because I am behind in my work and have a pile of editing to do that I am finding tricky to get done with the Mummy Chorus going on in the background!


l'optimiste said...

blue icing? hahaha - that cracked me up - well, the end result anyway...

Michael Brooke said...

Actually, the single funniest moment at the party was Phoebe's hilariously theatrical Maradona-style dive to the floor when Rowan brushed past her so slightly as to barely make contact. They're well matched, those two.