Monday, 12 April 2010

Oooh exciting day...

Today a nice man came to fix our fireplace! When we moved in we loved it but discovered it was broken and therefore unusable. Gah! We had a few ideas for sorting it, mostly we went along the idea of replacing for which we were looking at A LOT of money we didn't have. So we left it for a while whilst we had the girls. Then this year I was talking to next door who had her fireplace exchanged for a stove and recommended the man who did it. We didn't want a stove as we didn't think it fitted in with the period of the house. However this wasn't a problem, he came in and said that we absolutely could not get rid of such a beautiful fireplace and it was 100% rescue-able for about 25% of the budget we had set in our heads. Hurrah! So we booked him then and there and he ordered the hearth.

Today he came and he transformed my fireplace from this:

To this:

Paul had already chipped off all the gloss off the fireplace, we need to polish it. Today he fixed the grate, fitted the gorgeous new hearth (level too... hurrah!) and a matching ashpan!

This is the first step in the Great Living Room Redecoration. Next step is the walls, then the sofas & curtains and then, finally the floor (needs sanding and revarnishing!). Paul thinks he will be breathing a sign of relief then but I think he knows deep down that I will be turning my attention then to the hallway and bathroom... poor Paul!

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