Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter / Eostar... what ever, hope you had a happy one!

We should have really celebrated Eostar / Ostara on the 21st but as the girls are so young and don't get 2 celebrations really we decided we put off celebrations until Easter. That and we had made plans to come down to see our friends Rachel, Ben and Ikey at Rachel's Mums house (she is away in the states and Rachel et al are house sitting) for the long weekend.

Anyway... things have been fraught and worrysome Chez Vix for the last week. We knew my Grandfer had surgery on Wednesday, he is 84 and luckily a very very fit 84 yr old. What we didn't know was that my Stepfather and my children decided to try and upstage him! Poor Stepdaddy got an infection in his war-wound from his hip operation and had to go back into hospital to have it cleaned. Phoebe smacked her head open on the fireplace as I detailed on an earlier post, later that day Clara ran into a cupboard producing a cracking egg on her head and a fab bruise. So, it was with great pleasure we welcomed the 4 day weekend!

We have had a lovely weekend doing fun things like Soft Play, playing with the dogs (Phoebe is a proper wee Doctor Doolittle!), bugging TJ the canary and doing lunch and fun things like that!

Easter Sunday came (after many questions of "when is the Easter Bunny coming Mummy") and we decided that the Bunny was not allowed into the house until after lunch time for fear of no food apart from Chocolate would pass the lips of the 3 small people in residence. We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast which were goooooooooooood, must do them again! Lunch was roast chicken, roast spuds, roast carrots, peas, bread sauce and gravy followed by tirimisu (for the grown ups) and the Easter egg hunt!

This was Ikey's first hunt, so he was a little slow off the mark. However once he got the idea hilarity ensued as his bucket didn't quite hold his hoard and he was NOT letting anyone help him.

The girls, of course, being old hat at these (all of once before) were at the eggs like a greyhound out of a trap!

That said we were very impressed with them because once they filled their bags we told them the rest were Ikey's. Not a moan or a whinge, instead they encouraged him and helped him collect the rest of the eggs! Of course then the egg related carnage afterwards was spectacular!

I think these 3 babies had a rather fantastic Easter. Egg rolling with GA Cally and  Gruncle Ian tomorrow, erk... that means letting them decorate eggs.... if you thought chocolate was messy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a riot! Glad you had fun, and a bit of a break from it all.

Love to you all.

J x