Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Have you pressed your button lately?!

After a few t'interweb weirdy friends have suffered fires recently I was kicked up the bum to sort my own house out with smoke alarms (again). We did have them but over time batteries have migrated into other things (!!!!) and they have come off the ceilings. I have mentioned it with regular monotony but nothing has happened. Anyway, we were walking through town the other day when we saw a big firetruck in the middle of town advertising free smoke alarms and fitting by the London Fire Brigade so I took a leaflet and filled it out. They came today to fit them and I am very very impressed! We got 2 free smoke alarms, we just need to check them once a week. I was even more impressed to find out that even if you suffer from hearing loss or are deaf they can fit alarms to suit with a flashing light and a vibrating pad.

I think I may involve the children in this so they understand how important it is. We are also going to work on an escape plan for them, children's natural reaction is to hide which is the worst thing they could ever do. So at some point over the next couple of days Paul and I will sit down and work out an upstairs escape plan, and a downstairs one including where the children should go if they hear the alarm.

In conclusion, these two small devices could save your life so very easily, there is no excuse for not having them. If you don't it might be worth googling and seeing if your regional fire services offer the same.

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JaneV said...

you are such good parents, I am very impressed! Do you remember that smoke alarm in Andoversford that we had disconnect because it went off every time we made toast?