Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I am Gardener...hear me ROAR!

Today I was a woman on a mission. A mission to make my front garden look nice!

This mission had started a few weeks ago when Paul cleared all the stones off the front garden for me. I then removed the weed suppressant, dug over the bed and dug in a load of chicken poo (ick) to revitalise the soil. Today I piled the girls into the car and took them to the garden centre where I bought 6 bags of topsoil, a lovely azalea and 6 pretty dangly flowers of which the name escapes me. I then drove out to another town and bought 6 m2 of Turf.

When I got home I had to tackle The Rock... a huge beast of a thing I found buried under the weed suppressant. I had been asking Paul to move it for me for a while but he hasn't found the time, so I went at it with a shovel and eventually I managed to lever it out of it's hole and roll it out of the way.... hurrah! Then on went the top soil and the turf and it was starting to look better.

I also planted my azalea and dangly plants in a gorgeous pot I liberated from my late Grandfather's house and moved it into the middle of the new lawn. I suspect we will move it off and put a slab in the middle for it to lie on at the weekend but enough is enough for now!

I am very pleased with myself because I have transformed the front Garden from this:

To this:

Not bad for a days work really! I am pleased with it!

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Not bad at all for a day's work - go you !