Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Introducing Topsy and Turvey!

Today we went and chose our new rabbits. We went and met the lovely Terry who houses loads of lovely rescue bunnies in his garden. We had a choice between a pair of longhaired and a pair of shorthairs. Due to the time factor in grooming longhairs (ie we don't have it!) we decided on the short hairs so it is with pride I introduce you to:


and Turvey:

and 2 ridiculously excited little girls!

(excuse bad pictures, I took them on my iphone)

We may have also fallen in love with doe grey Rex rabbit. We are debating taking her on too and calling her Tipsy. We couldn't re-home her right away because she is pregnant (due any day apparently) and it will take 8 weeks before her babies are ready to be parted from her. We also saw the cutest thing imaginable of a dwarf bunny sneezing... So cute!

They have been so well behaved and we have already established that Topsy is the boss, and that she is greedy (dandelions and apples seem to be favourite so far!) and that Turvey is a potential trouble maker as he has already tried to dig through our rug!


Daisy78 said...

Soooooooooo cute, their names are fab. Hope you get to have a 3rd one. You will be old hands by the time we have ours in August - you can give us advice. Enjoy x

l'optimiste said...

ee! So cute!! My brother has some of these - they live in his kitchen. One was found in the salad drawer of the fridge once! Move like lightning when foods involved ;o)