Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I hate Tuesdays.

I am fit to keel over! Poor Paul is well aware of my hatred of them and, so I believe, is the rest of his office and most of his mates. He is aware that he can go out for beers when ever he likes just so long as it isn't a Tuesday!

Tuesdays are swimming days and whilst I am no longer having to go through the ritual humiliation of donning bathing suit anymore. It is still exhausting! This is our run down:

8.30 - 9.30 - Get Clara to choose her outfit and get dressed in her room. Lob Phoebe's clothes down the stairs and spend the next 45 minutes convincing her that going to Preschool in her Wall.e Pyjamas is not a viable option and that she can't possibly be too tired to get dressed and could she just DO IT please?!

9.30 - Pile children into car... cajole the small one into her carseat after telling her 5 billion times that no she can't sit anywhere else but in her carseat with her harness on. Buckle the larger one in and attempt to ignore the smugness she exhibits just because she got in her carseat nicely.

9.40 - 12.30 - Entertain Clara whilst listening to her moan and whinge about being hungry (she just had breakfast), Thirsty (I have lost count of the number of drinks I have got her and she has poured away), Tired (well go to bloody sleep then!), she wants Phoebe / Becky /  Poppy / Mary etc etc.

Today we took a break from the norm and visited Ikea in search of bag fabric and some shops in search of non-hooker-esque skirts for her. Shame she wore herself out in Ikea chasing imaginary lions!

12.30 - Collect Phoebe from preschool and ooh and ahh over the huge amount of tat she has produced today (3 paintings allegedly of rainbows but all resembling something like a big brown splodge).

1pm - Feed the beasts. Food of choice for today was Chorizo Pasta... Phoebe even deigned to eat some pasta (thank you Ikea and Moose shaped Pasta).

1.30 - 3pm - Listen to them moan about "is it time for swimming yet?!" repeatedly no matter what I try and distract them with.

3pm - Get in car to leave for swimming, listen to Clara to "I don't WANT swimming" all the way there and then shriek "SHAAAARRRROOOOON" as soon as we get their in a delighted tone of voice!

3.30pm - Small child swims. Entertain a moaning larger child because she wants to swim.

4pm - Get small child dressed again. Listen to moaning larger child because she wants to know if it is her turn and she seems to think it might change every time she asks me.

4.30pm - Finally let Phoebe swim. Tell her off for going under the water and pratting about. Praise her for fabulous swimming across pool.

5pm - Get Phoebe dressed and pile both children back into the car.

5.30 - Go to Macdonald's drive through and purchase 2 x chicken nugget happy meals (yes, yes I know... but it is only once a week!). Today I made it even more FUN by having to pop into Pets at home for rabbit food and I took the girls in with me.

6pm - they eat, pester me with the poxy toys the got in their happy meal.

6.30pm (ish) - husband walks in through the door to discover a tomato ketchup (yup with the happy meal... shoot me now!) masacre and a wild eyed me frantic for them to GO TO BED.

Oh yes, I hate Tuesdays!


Muddling Along Mummy said...

Moose shaped pasta - you are kidding, right ?

Vix said...

Nope! Clara and I found it in the food bit in Ikea... Phoebe at 5 pieces which is considered a triumph. One of them the antlers fell off and she declared "Oh no! Oh well, now it is a horse!"

Guy said...

I feel exhausted just reading this! But just think of all the mummy brownie points you are clocking up.