Friday, 9 April 2010

The Toys Are Taking Over!!

Paul was out for beers today with an old colleague. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to do a toy inventory to see just how horrendous the toy situation is. I have not left the living room (unless to retieve a part of a toy that I knew to be in another location) nor have I counted any of the kitchen items that have migrated into the living room. The count so far...


Holy son of a motherless goat! That is A LOT of toys! This includes animals, jigsaws, games, dolls (and accessories), Happyland, character toys...

Sheesh my girls have a lot of toys! A cull is needed I think, a pretty big one at that! We also have a dolls house in Clara's room, a puppet theatre in Phoebe's and a toy kitchen in the dining room (don't get me started on what is in the garden either!). Isn't incredible what we feel children need to play with, hardly any of these things come out on a day to day basis and yet I can't seem to narrow things down any more! It is quite ridiculous really isn't it!

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