Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Well here we are half way through her first week...

of Big School! Has been chaos here so that is why I have neglected my Blog.

Clara went back to Preschool on Monday morning, Phoebe started Big School on Monday afternoon. She was absolutely fizzing with excitement about going, there was no way she was ever going to dress in anything but her uniform despite not having to be in school until 1.30pm! I was asked ever 10 minutes all morning if it was time to go yet, and when Granny arrived (so she could look after Clara and I could stay with Phoebe on her first day) she nearly exploded with excitement. Thank heavens Granny did come as she reminded me I actually had to feed Phoebe before school! I was thrown off as we don't eat lunch until 1pm usually! 1 quick Marmite sandwich later and it was finally Time To Go! Granny walked up with us to the bus stop and then on to get Clara whilst Phoebe and I climbed aboard the bus. She chattered non stop all the way there and practically danced into school... we then had a small meltdown as I had gotten confused with timings and we arrived for 1pm and it didn't start until 1.30pm, oops! So we went, bought a bike lock and basket and came back.

It was only a short settling in period of about an hour, so she could see her classroom, meet some of her classmates and, of course, her teachers! She had a ball looking around and exploring everything and was a bit disappointed it was only a short session. The next day we headed back so she could go on her own for 2 hours, she loved it and again today. I must confess I wish she was going full time next week as she is so ready but instead we have a week of mornings before that will happen, all in good time eh?!

I can't believe she is ready for big school already! Seems like only a blink and she was a weeny newborn baby that I didn't know what to do with, or a small baby who wouldn't crawl over the door mat, a staggering toddler trying to get my marmite on toast. The long long long point and shriek phase and her finally starting to talk! 4 yrs 9 months have just whizzed by and my baby is growing up so fast!

Love you gorgeous girl, and I am very very proud of you!

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