Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dealing with faddy eaters....

I have one and a half. The half is Clara who is naturally quite adventurous but just stubborn and copies her sister. Phoebe is very faddy... it is a pain in the bum. Her diet consists of:

Chicken Nuggets
Chips (on a good day)
Chicken (occasionally)
Marmite sandwiches (no crust... in squares or funny shapes)
Cheese on Toast

Oh and, of course, anything bad for you! Writing that down it doesn't look as bad as it feels but it is pretty limiting.

Her iffy eating is reason 3 bajillion I am doing her a bento box style lunch box for school when the time comes. At least there will be some thing she can eat in that, if she doesn't eat then she is FOUL and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

We have taken the stance of mostly ignoring it and encouraging her gently to try new foods by kissing and licking and finally eating a bit of food. Very much slowly slowly catchy monkey! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it doesn't make a big deal about food which is the important thing. She is only 4.5 and has a long time to develop her tastes yet. Still a pain in the bum though!

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