Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blood and Blackcurrant!

Today I thought I would try out the bike trailer for the school run. Epic, epic fail! Things that went wrong:
  • Gears jammed outside school. I thought I was going to have to leave the bike and trailer there, get the bus home and come back with the car (twice as children + bike + trailer will not fit!). Thankfully a bit of pedal wiggling and gear changing sorted that out.
  • Phoebe has had a growth spurt and is now WAY over the safety height line in the trailer.
  • As I was handing out black currant juice as a post school drink Clara squeezed the box and squirted black currant juice all over my dress.
  • We went to the park so the girls could play (and I could regain the stability of my horrendously out of shape legs!). Within minutes of being there and the girls playing Clara fell off the round about and split her lip and the only thing I had to clean it up with was my dress adding to the already present stain!
  • As I was cleaning Clara up Phoebe managed to whack her cheek on the round about resulting in a fabulous bruise!
Still on the upside a girl from the juniors of P's school took it upon herself to play with Phoebe and Clara. And Clara made a new friend in an adorable little girl and they played together beautifully! I, however, still have jelly legs and am very very very very grateful to be home!

Anyone want to buy a bike trailer?! It is time for Ebay isn't it!

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l'optimiste said...

oi - you managed it and that's what counts! next time, take a first aid kit!

every time you do it, it'll get easier - good for you babe.