Monday, 13 September 2010

It had to happen sometime, but why now?!

Yesterday I had to pop up to the shop for a couple of soup ingrediants so I left the girls at home with their Daddy. When I drove back up to park I could see them skitting around in the living room. When I got into the house I saw the reality... 1 pair of sewing scissors and 1 small child's hair. Paul had been upstairs whilst it happened.

I could have cried, I really could... she looked like she had a mullet! They had lopped a bit off either side of her head and a bit from around the back too. Today I had to spend £12 at the kiddy hairdressers trying to make it less obvious. Clara is now sporting layers in her hair and the hair dresser has feathered the really short bits so they aren't so noticeable. But still... her lovely hair!

To make things worse she is Flower Girl for my step sister Ellie in 3 weeks. I am hoping that it will settle a little more in that time, or at the very least the hair bands they have conceal some of the damage! I was this close -> <- to ebaying the pair of them!

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JaneV said...

she will still be an adorable little flower girl!