Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Dream Come True...

Since we went to a Ballet Open Day last year with Becky for her little girl Millie, Clara has been doing the exercises she saw. She was 2 at the time, she has been doing them for a year. Now, finally, she is old enough to actually go to ballet class and so today she did for the first time. As it was her first time she was excused from wearing uniform to see if she liked it before buying. A bit of a pointless exercise really as she loved it! Trotted off happily with Miss Penny into class (mummies and big sisters aren't allowed in) and was positively beaming when she came out half an hour later!

So, as we had a little time before going to Phoebe's swimming lesson we went and bought her RAD uniform for her lessons:

She threw a spectacular tantrum when it came time to stop modelling it for Daddy and go to bed! She is one happy little girl and I am one much poorer Mummy! Still it will be worth it when she is a world class ballerina right?!

(Please also note the hair... she is now sporting what I am calling a "Jennifer Aniston on a bad day" do... but it doesn't look too horrendous I suppose, still not her gorgeous long curly locks though!)

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JaneV said...

surely this one has to go into the pile of photos to show future boyfriends?!