Thursday, 2 September 2010

T - 4 days and counting...

Until school starts! Eeeek!

We still have 2 things on our shopping list and 2 on my make list. Shopping list is plimsolls and sports shorts. Make list is 2 x drawstring bags, 1 for sports kit and 1 for wet weather gear. Not being able to bear the thought of her good wellies (that were given to her by a lovely friend and come all the way from Canada!) staying at school I bought a cheapy pair that can live at school, I will also put her pack a mac in that bag so if hasn't got her waterproof coat on she won't get soaked to the skin.

Whilst we were in Sainsbury's I allowed Phoebe to pick out a cuddly friend to go with her that could live in her satchel. Normally I would have let her take Moose (or the other favourite Waggy) to school but I am worried about her loosing them, especially as currently we only have one Moose and I forgot to try and buy spare Waggy's when we were in France (doh!). She picked out a little yellow cuddly dog and promptly named it Biscuits. She is a funny little mix of a girl, utter tomboy but obsessed with all things cuddly. Mind you I suspect that in reality she just wishes all her cuddly dogs, horses, moose etc were real animals!

Not to be outdone by her sister Clara got a little pair of baseball boots with Upsy Daisy on them:

This was a BIG treat as normally I don't allow them to have character clothing. I don't know why I have such an issue with it but I don't like seeing the children as walking adverts for TV shows, not to mention they are usually over priced! So after all that I am feeling considerably lighter of pocket... again!

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