Saturday, 18 September 2010

Feeling lost.

I am not sure what I am feeling at the moment. Autumn approaches and the dread of the dark nights and low moods. I wish I could be someone who looks forward to the autumn but I dread it, I will have to crack out the SAD lamp in the hope that it bashes away a few of the blues.

I think Phoebe starting school has shaken me as well. Clara starts next year and that means I am going to have 6 hours to myself. I should think about re-entering the work force and, whilst the extra money will be good, the thought is scary. I am dreading having to go back into an office environment and whilst I want to kid myself otherwise that is exactly where I will end up. I would love to retrain as a Drama Therapist or something but I'm not sure it is a particularly good idea. I would hate to retrain (again) for something that isn't going to be used. My other thought is as a Primary school teacher but I think there are too many teachers for positions at the moment. ARGH! I don't know... what in the hell should I do! I have had 6 years to think about this and I feel like I am walking the wrong way on an escalator about life.

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