Monday, 18 April 2011

My Hero...

I mentioned a while ago that my beloved Paul was running the marathon. Well he did it yesterday and his time was 5hrs 06 mins and 46 seconds! I am so so proud of him.

He is having pangs that he didn't do it faster but a combination of heat and people traffic worked against him. Still given that I couldn't stagger 26 miles in that time I think it is a tremendous achievement.

Here he is at 13 miles

and here again after the race:

We got a rickshaw back to Mum and Robs house as the girls and Paul were all exhausted (ok ok I was too!) and on the way home he got congratulations from a cyclist and a couple on the street gave him a round of applause! He was thrilled!

Everyone in the family is so proud of him and the amount of money he and his mates have raised for The Neuro Foundation is brilliant! Although his just giving thingy bob doesn't close for another month so if you have a few pennies spare:


Dorothy said...

He did a marathon! time truly doesn't matter, that's well impressive in itself :) Well done him!

l'optimiste said...

here here Dorothy! what an amazing thing to do - congratulations Paul! :)