Thursday, 7 April 2011

My feet hurt... morning at Legoland.

As there was a splendiferous offer on for one adult and one under 6 to get into Legoland for £15 I decided to take Clara today as Phoebe was getting a "passport trip" to a local Hellhole, er I mean soft play!

So after dropping Phoebe off at 9am Clara and I tootled off down the motorway to Legoland! We got there at 10.30 ish and made our way into the park. We did the hill train and worked our way back up. A few small issues involving Clara, queues and changing minds before we settled on a boat ride first. Wrestling a small child for a steering wheel whilst hoping you manage not to be the first person to accidentally capsize a boat isn't the easiest thing but we managed to get around the course with minimal crashes!

Next we headed for the water play area and Clara was delighted to find I had been organised (for a change) and had packed her bathing suit and a towel so she stripped off and dashed into the water for a bit to have some fun! We were really lucky with the weather and it was about 22 degrees and absolutely BAKING hot so I was rather jealous of Clara's cooling off.

After that I was reliably informed it was time for Ice Cream... repeatedly. So we popped into one of the eateries to shut her up and bought a lovely chocolate chip ice cream

We then went on the Sky Rider and enjoyed bumping up and down a lot.

After that we headed to the loos and bumped into a friend who uses the same forum as me. I haven't met her before but she recognised Clara from pictures and it was confirmed by my calling her shortly afterwards. There are two sentences you expect to hear from this forum to identify fellow users, in jokes mostly but referring to oneself as a "looper" is a dead give away that they are also a user! I did expect to bump into someone as the deal was posted on the forum and lots of people were interested.

Clara and I then went and looked at a watery ride but The Boss decided it was too fast and too wet so we didn't go on it. Instead we walked further up the hill and saw all the mini towns and lego buildings and found some cool slides on the steps!

once we got to the top of the hill I was informed it was lunch time so we stopped off for a very nice lunch of chicken goujons, chips and peas and a nice drink of milk. Well Clara did anyway as I wasn't hungry. Not too bad a price either at £4.75 for the meal.

Then we wandered down to the other side of the park where the faster rides were. We were going to go on the rapids but they were closed when we walked past. Instead we went and found a mini rollercoaster, Clara LOVED it! I wasn't sure of how her reaction would be because she can be a bit funny with stuff like this but she was in utter heaven! By then it was time to head home and pick Phoebe up from school so we caught the hill train back up the hill and got in the car. This happened before I even got to the motor way:

I call that a result!

In fact the only thing that irked me was not enough cashpoints near the places that only took cash (like in the knights bit where the face painting and gold panning was). We didn't have time to go and get cash from pretty much the other side of the park so missed out on those which was a shame as she would have LOVED having her face done and the panning for gold looked like fun.

As we went on a school day the queues were non existant so minimal moaning occured. I can imagine it would be less fun in the summer when the place will be rammed to the gunnels! I also don't fancy paying   £130 for all of us to get in, especially at peak queue times!

Still it was nice to have a special Mummy - Clara morning and we had fun so net result was pretty good!

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic day out! I am so jealous, especially that you ahd such amazxing weather too! I must take L at some point.