Monday, 4 April 2011

I was spoilt yesterday!

I hope all Mummies had a rocking Mother's Day yesterday, I certainly did!

Paul managed to hold the beasts off until 8am before I got given cards and presents. This was no mean feat as Phoebe was humming with excitement about it all! I got 2 gorgeous home made cards, a necklace Phoebe made at school. I also got a bought card and the Hairy Bikers Mum's Know Best cook books (downside, I wanted to bake but can't eat the produce so didn't!). Best of all Paul then took the girls back downstairs and let me go back to sleep for a couple of hours!

We had a lovely day at home pottering. Paul got the girls involved in his annual battle against the lawn (or lack of it!) so I was able to sort the kitchen out to the tunes from the musicals courtesy of Elaine Paige on radio 2.

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LilaVanilla said...

Yours sounds like a lovely Mother's Day, how sweet that Phoebe made you a necklace. Elaine Paige always makes me smile on a Sunday afternoon :)