Friday, 8 April 2011

How we intend to survive the Easter Holidays.

Clara broke up last week and whilst my beloved smiled at me and said "but at least it is just Clara" I smiled back and told him that "just Clara" was like saying "just a nuclear bomb!" however she survived as did I so I call that a triumph!

Phoebe broke up at 13.30 today so now we have 2 weeks stretching ahead and I am writing this blog to remind me NOT to feel overwhelmed by it! Next week is sorted thankfully:

Monday: Granny is coming over
Tuesday: Rowan's 6th birthday party
Wednesday: friends are coming over for a mass play date (for which I have purchased plastic eggs and will be hiding them around the garden and house)
Thursday: Clara is swimming so I might do a picnic in a park that morning.
Friday: Granny coming again
Saturday: Into London as Paul has the marathon the next day, added bonus that I have just found out that Angelina Ballerina will be in Peter Jones on this day too!

Then I just have 3.5 days to work through until we head back into Central London to celebrate Easter with Granny and Grande! I think ast least one morning we will head to the cinema as our local is a Vue who do the splendid Kids Am feature. Kids Am means we can all go for 95p a head :D and they are showing Tangled that week... RESULT! Ok so they need snacks etc when we go in but that is minimal cost frankly and still cheaper than going on a normal viewing!

We also appear to have developed a serious Dora The Explorer crush chez moi. The girls adore it and love joining in... and as a side effect their attempts at spanish are highly comical! It is the first TV show they have ever got so involved in. In fact as I type this Clara is clapping, stamping and shouting COCKADOODLEDOOOOO as she helps them wake up the sun! So I suspect Nick Jr will aide us in our quest to remain entertained :D

How are you planning on entertaining the beasties during the break... any ideas I have missed?!

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Nik said...

Blaine broke up a week ago - so far we have been to soft play (absolute hell), picnic in the park, popped to the beach (it was baltic!), The Ceramic Experience for coffee and cake and yesterday we had visitors over. Today I'm finding salvation at my mum's - we are staying for a whole week, which means 2 things: 1 - I have help with the kids so I can have a life and 2 - because of this help I can drink loads of vodka. My week my be a blur but I will survive. Good luck to you!