Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Never, ever take your children to your Smear test....

Well I now know this lesson. Last time they came they were too young to comment. Now at 3.5 Phoebe sees it as her duty to commentate. So, anyway there I am up on the couch stripped from the waist down and assuming the position when the little voice pops up:

"whatchoo doin' Mummy? What nurse doing?"

I respond that, as we had discussed prior to leaving the house, the nurse was checking Mummy's bits for her and it didn't hurt. Silence settled in, now normally I wouldn't mind but knowing Phoebe the silence meant she was processing this little bit of information ready for a more indepth discussion later and with a Tesco trip planned, well you can imagine the sinking feeling.

Anyway as it turns out I didn't have to worry about Tesco. Once I was clothed, stickers were applied to children for behaving and we opened the door to return to the (incidentally rather full) waiting room on the other side, it happened. My lovely 3.5 yr old in the ringing voice that children reserve for just such occasions rang out with:

"Thank you nice nurse for looking after Mummy's bits, it very 'portant and she all better now!"

that faint titter ran around the waiting room and I resumed my chair to wait for my doctors appt. Well I couldn't leave... my face may have stopped traffic!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I'm sure you'll find some suitable revenge when she's 18.