Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I am domestic Goddess, hear me drink my gin!

It was Clara's 2nd birthday the other day, how my baby is 2 is beyond me. She was born in my living room (planned, well it would have been a bit odd having the birthpool all set up just incase) 2 yrs ago on the 20th August. To celebrate we planned a day in London Zoo with Grannie & Grande, then on the Saturday a party with all her little friends.

I can heartily recommend London Zoo as a day out and there is a 2for1 offer on at the moment with National Rail (if you are in London and need a way around it buy the cheapest single you can find and blag it, that is what we did after some serious ranting about discrimiation against those who use Oyster...). The girls especially loved the Tigers, Lions, Penguins, Giraffes and the new Adventure Zone. I was most proud of myself for adequately researching where we were going for a change as I discovered that said Adventure Zone had now got a water feature... a stream. Towels, bathers and change of clothes were duely packed and used to their fullest potential! We neatly managed to miss all the organised stuff somehow but it didn't really matter! The Tiger was asleep near the window and provided much hilarity doing the Dramatic Lemur impression everytime Clara moved (small pink & chubby = lunch?). Phoebe loved the giraffe the best as she could climb onto the platform and see it face to face whilst it was having a munch of the branches.

Best thing of all because I was working in Reading the next day my Husband and I left the girls with Grannie & Grande for the night and went for Sushi... what a perfect birthday celebration. Of course the girls were angels and went straight to bed for G&G and gave them a lie in too. Wouldn't have happened at home!

On Saturday it was party day... now seeing as we were out all day on Thursday, I was working in Reading (an hour and a bit drive) the next day and then it was party on Saturday the prep was crammed in as fast as possible. I baked the cake late on Thursday night, I was doing a ladybird so it was in a pyrex bowl which I have never baked in before.... there was much holding of breath! Then I also decided to make the party bags, yes make, with calico my new sewing machine and some ribbon... all hands to pump. Paul was on cutting out and ironing duty and I was on seams. Went well and I was pleased with our produce. Anyway, on Friday night (after having been up since 7am, 3 hr round trip and having spent the day taking pictures and entertaining my models (all of whom are under 4)) I iced the ladybird. Paul was despatched to Sainsburys with the shopping list and did very well. Next morning being Saturday it was all hands to the pump to clear up the house and make it habitable (this is harder than it sounds with 2 small "helpers") thankfully we successfully bribed Clara into bed for a much needed sleep. Guests arrived and a marvellous time was had by all! My favourite moment was when Paul dashed in to show us a video he had taken of one of our guests hiding in the bin (not the wheelie, the bin we use to keep the ball pit balls in). Kids gotta love em!

Fabulous few days but alcohol was required to recover! Hurrah for White Wine!

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ah yes..whoever DID invent wine?? ;o)