Friday, 28 August 2009

How old for brand awareness?

This happened last week but I wanted to check with my lovely friend before telling it. Thankfully she doesn't mind. Thanks An'bel xx

So, it was hometime at Clara's party and because the lovely Annabel came by public transport she was loading her two fab children into the pushchair and sling. The birthday girl came out and pointed at her and her sling and decalred


to which my lovely friend replied:

"No darling, it's not an Ergo, it's a BBO"

there was a little pause before she realised that Clara was infact pointing to her son, Hugo...

Now I know brand awareness is becoming a younger and younger thing (sorry girls, you have a Mummy who doesn't particularly "do" brands... I certainly resent paying to essentially be a walking advert!) but perhaps they are more based around Barbie vs Sindy (does Sindy even still exist?) or worse yet those awful awful Bratz things (only over my dead body!) than the make of a sling, especially in a 2 yr old!

Slings are one area where I lift my brand ban... my faves are Moby for teeny weenys, Babyhawks for those who don't like the faff of a wrap sling (added bonus of they last a long time) and a woven wrap for older cuddly babes. My only regret with slings is that I didn't discover them until Clara was conceived, thank heavens I did as she was a proper full on Velcro Baby. I really miss having a teeny weeny baby all cuddled up in a sling... now if I get one out for restraint purposes you see neither child for dust (although Clara is partial to a spot of Ring Slinging when fatigue gets the better of her)

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