Monday, 23 April 2012

Week from Hell & Happy St Georges Day!

Last week can be summed up in 3 words. Clara Chicken Pox. Oh my good lordy lord... Mariah Carey could take Diva lessons from Clara! Add to that the fact we had to say our goodbyes to our beloved Little Brown cat and it does not a good week make. We were all glad when it was over and we were able to do a little recovery over the weekend.

On a happier notes today the girl's school was celebrating St Georges day. They were allowed to wear red or white, be a princess or a knight. Clara was predictable and was in her Princess outfit like a shot. Phoebe surprisingly wanted to be a Princess too, unusual I was convinced that she was going to want to be a knight (which btw... thanks to Monty Python is pronounced Ker-niggit in my head!). Anyway Princess dress was located in TK Maxx complete with cape.

So this morning came and they donned costumes, did hair and were ready:

As it was St Georges day I was invited (read Shanghai'd) to stay at school to join in the fun activities the school had planned. The school assembled on the field where, rather inconveniently, a dragon had laid a massive egg! Loads of activities were planned around the school and the girls took part in making a dragon puppet, creating a dragon rap (well... sort of, on account of the drums, Phoebe and I spent that session sat outside), making masks and writing news stories about St George's triumph over the dragon

(I shouldn't be left alone with computers and writing applications....) and making dragon scale handprints to go on the massive dragon. They had lots of fun and then I got to go home and they went off and had a picnic in the hall (was meant to be on the grounds but...well... it's april, in England. It rained!).

Hopefully they are both wiped enough for an early night as I am shattered. Reading until 3am is never a good thing to do before embarking on a morning at school with children!

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