Monday, 16 April 2012

Gogoi and the Lost Teddy. By Phoebe.

This was Phoebe's Easter Homework and she was so proud she wanted me to share it. She had to plan and write a story and here it is... warts and all!

One sunny day Phoebe and Gogoi were walking through the orchard. Suddenly Gogoi stopt and yeld  "I'ev lost my teddy!" Phoebe said "Don't wury lets make posters and put them up". Phoebe did the draring because she was best at it. Gogoi did the riting and photocopying.

Weil Phoebe and Gogoi were putting the posters up. Mum saw a poster so she asked if she can help. Mum looked on the grawed because she was ufraid of hits. Phoebe lookied in the midel. Last but not least Gogoi looked at the tipetop of the trees and there was ted!

"Teeeeed" thay cheered. Phoebe climd tall tree and down with ted. She gave ted to Gogoi whoo gave ted a big hug.

The End.

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