Sunday, 29 April 2012

Literal translations....

Yesterday we were at Phoebe's friend Nathan's birthday party. It was held at a football place near the kid's school. Phoebe and Clara had a fab time running around and playing football. Phoebe decided she was captain of Team England and lead them in a 7:7 draw with the other side (team Chelsea apparently).

After the match they were told they had played a really good game and should shake hands. All the other children started to move to do so. Phoebe stood stock still and did "Jazz Hands". If you are unaware of the jazz hand move then this vid demos it nicely!

Thankfully Phoebe wasn't so camp although she was still very amusing!

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Survival Jones said...

That is sooo cute. It's really good to write all these things down as they happen! Still laughing :)