Saturday, 9 July 2011

I stood up and was counted.

Today I went into London to meet up with some t'internet weirdy friends to attend the Pro Choice Demo that was taking place opposite the houses of Parliament today. I attended to protect my children losing their right to an abortion should the need arise. I sincerely hope it doesn't for them but I want them to have the choice as to what they want for their body and their life. Simple really, no one else should legislate against a woman's choices over her own body!


TheRubbishPregno said...

Deeply jealous that you were there!

I believe in abortion the same way I believe in a triple heart bypass. You shouldn't rely on one, and should take appropriate precautions and live your life in a responsible way. But by God, if you end up needing one, it should be freely available, with no attached guilt/shame/trauma/lecture/stigma.

Good on you for marching about such an important cause.

Muddling Along said...

Well done you for standing up and being counted - I'd sort of missed out that this was happening which I very much regret