Friday, 22 July 2011

Clara-ism of the week!

Clara (AKA Bear) is not a morning person. She is especially not a morning person when she has to be woken up instead of waking up herself. She is really really really not a morning person when she has to be woken up and showered in the morning as Daddy got nattering to some friends last night and brought the girls home late... but anyway I digress! Paul was in the shower with Phoebe and asked me to get Clara up and ready for the shower. Eventually I cajolled Clara out of bed and into a cuddle but she was determined not to go in the shower. Paul asked if she was grumpy... I responded "Does a bear poo in the woods?!" and Clara raised her head off my shoulder and shouted:

I do NOT poo in the woods!

There may have been some falling about laughing after that, but she succeeded and went to school for her last day unwashed but dressed as Snow White...

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Sam H said...

That is absolutely fantastic and so so Clara!