Friday, 22 July 2011

End of an Era.

Clara is no longer a Preschooler. As of 12.30 this afternoon she no longer attends our fabulous preschool. In September she will be joining the ranks of Butterflies at Primary School. She had a wicked last day at preschool. Lots of fun and laughter and playing with her best buddy F. We gave them the tutus and tiaras we had made in the morning so they could be put away with the rest of the dressing up clobber in readiness for September. Then at 12.30 I came up to school and bought the presents we had made for the staff and Becky's extra special pressie.

Clara and I made Pinwheel Flowers yesterday using some little flower pots and matching pinwheels we found in John Lewis. We had lots of fun with the clay to go in the bottom and Clara absolutely adored running around this afternoon giving out her presents. They went down a treat with everyone which I am glad about! Then we gave Becky her pressie which was another Momiji doll to go with the one Phoebe bought her last year. I also managed to find a card that said something along the lines of "All I need is a nice tiara and a cape and I could save the world" which struck me as a very Clara thing to say!

We have been so lucky in having the wonderful Becky as the girls Keyworker. Not only have we worked closely together when the girls have been upset but she has supported me amazingly through all sorts and has become a good friend. Both of my girls adore Becky and Phoebe was thrilled to bits that she was able to come and cheer her on at sports day! The girls also both adore Becky's girls which is ace and nothing gets the shrieks of joy going more than telling them they get to spend time with M & A! I am sad that Becky won't be caring for the girls anymore but I think I am lucky in that she will certainly be in their lives for a long time to come!

It was also the end of Primary School today so Phoebe graduated from being a Butterfly to a Sparrow. Her new teacher Miss B is lovely and Phoebe is very excited to be going into year one! Phoebe and her two friends L and N made cards for all the teachers last night and us devoted Mummies pooled our resources and got the teachers a pamper voucher each as a thank you for all their hard work. As a special treat for the children we took the kids to an ice cream parlour for the hugest ice creams you have ever seen! It was noisy, pink, filled to the brim with sugar... they loved it!

I am glad that we finished Reception on such a high in lots of different ways. It has taken me a while but I have made two fabby friends in E and S and it is such fun hanging out with them and their gorgeous boys! In a funny way the friendship was absolutely sealed today by discovering how far we could lower the tone. Sounds a bit mad but if you can't lower the tone considerably with friends... In this case it was smirking over the word Flaps. Yes we really are that purile!

Today has had 2 big endings but, unusually for me, I can see worlds of possibilities lying ahead of me which is rather nice! Lots of things to look forward to over the summer and lots of things to look forward to in the new academic year!

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